Ngiling Bidai (Gawai Closing)

Ngiling Bidai

Ngiling Bidai – Gawai Closing


We cant get enough and over with the fun, dancing and drinks we all had at Kaamatan – Gawai party in May. We’re bringing you back to another exciting Sunday Funday with Ngiling Bidai (Gawai Closing Party)

This is ROUND 2 of the Borneo Harvest Festival in Havana, a cultural celebration of the fantastic local cuisines, Tuak drink and incorporating various free activities, entertainment, art as well as happy hour beers and food experiences.

– You’ll receive a warm welcome by our Sabahan & Sarawakan regulars, and an early on-the-house Tuak shooter!

– Dig into traditional food such as Dayak-style barbecue chicken wings & skewers and tuak cocktails, and happy hour beer promotion & so much more!

– Rolling of the rattan mat tradition, blowpipe competition, bamboo dance, Miring ceremony and Ngajat dance.

– Famed Sape’ player Leslie will be performing live during the earlier part of the party.

-DJ Patrick hits the decks with old school R&B such as Arrested Development, C+C Music Factory, Soul II Soul, etc

You’ll have a unique & entertaining Sunday Funday for the whole family and friends, only at Havana. Ooohhaa!!